The James Madison University 3SPACE classroom is the first general-education college 3D printing classroom in the country. We serve students and faculty from all departments and colleges at the university, offering 3D printing access and training to people of all experience levels. JMU 3SPACE opened in Fall 2013 with ten Afinia H480 3D printers, and we’ve now expanded with an additional six Ultimaker 2+ printers and a MakerBot Replicator 2.

What do we do?

JMU 3SPACE provides teaching space, equipment, and training so that students and faculty from all departments can incorporate desktop digital fabrication into their scholarship to enhance their academic, extracurricular, and career goals. We also offer hands-on workshops that allow groups from outside of JMU to experience new technologies and “making”, andhost the JMU 3D Printing Club.

Our courses and programs are offered in collaboration with Innovation Services, the Institute for Visual Studies, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and the JMU General Education Program.

For examples of our recent activities, check out our 3SPACE News page. To learn more about how we got started, read our article at the Ultimaker Pioneers site: JMU 3SPACE: Building a 3D printing classroom.

What makes the JMU 3-SPACE Classroom new and different from other services on campus is that it is a classroom environment where students from all majors can take courses that involve hands-on 3D printing projects. In the few years since the 3-SPACE Classroom was created, it has helped many JMU faculty and departments develop new 3D-printing projects as supplemental lab experiences for their classes, has expanded our outreach from science classes to an art class, and has helped JMU students become educated and enlightened!

Who has access?

Students enrolled in 3SPACE Classes or in the JMU 3D Printing Club have swipe-card access to the space and equipment during all open hours, as indicated on the 3SPACE Calendar. Faculty and staff can get 3SPACE access by attending Workshop Classes in 3D printing and design through JMU Innovation Services. If you’re interested in pursuing a 3D printing project, contact us at the link below or talk to any of the 3SPACE Directors. You can find us on the JMU campus in Burruss Hall, room 349.

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