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    After a long night of being on call; seeing sick patients and delivering another baby, we loaded up early to head to an all day game drive in the Maasai Mara. Immediately entering the Mara, we saw multiple elephants, giraffes, and lions. For lunch, our drivers found a tree near the Mara River where we(…)

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Kwaheri (Goodbye)

Time in the Slums

Maasai Mara

New Frontiers Health Force Clinic

Off to see the animals

Saying goodbye

Free Clinic

Tumutumu Hospital Visits

Home visits around Nyeri

Education Kenya Style

Collaboration with Kenyan Nursing students

A Kenyan nursing education

Nairobi National Museum

Supporting single mothers of Kenya

Conservation of Wildlife

Giraffe Centre

Sandavy Guest House

At the airport, ready for our trip

Sharon and Kathy ready to board

Masai Villagers

Masai Villagers

Kenya 2012