What is Science? [Written Assignment, Back to The Future]

Alison Surich, Toby Bowen, Kelsey Terry, Daniel Gerlach, and Simonia Sharma

Get Over Your Drowsiness, Chills, Fever, Aches, and Sore Throat with a Newly Identified Protein

   Science has always been a way to gain answers to the puzzling part of our world. One of those pieces is how humans can overcome sickness. Science is using a set of steps that can be repeated to help us understand our surroundings.  These steps are universally used by all scientists that have always tried to identify, explain, and cure the illnesses seen around the world. In the past 30 years, the United States had struggled with preventing and help curing the common flu virus.  In years passed we have tried to prevent the flu by vaccinations and now we are further developing a more powerful vaccine that can be distributed through a nasal spray, which is quicker and less painful for the patient.  The future is promising for a faster recovery from the flu.

   Scientists created the question of “is there a way to speed up the recovery of the flu?” We have always been told by past generations to sleep off the virus and drink orange juice, but meanwhile we can do much more. Scientists have identified the problem and hypothesis about targeting certain proteins in our brain that are active while we sleep when sick that help us facilitate a faster recovery. These scientists are using control groups to regulate a baseline expectation of recovery from the flu. There are also using the independent variable of administration of the protein that they have identified in a higher dose. In the future, based off of these experiments we can identify how long is take for someone the recover, which would be the dependent variable. Scientists predict that this newly identified protein will help us recover faster and get to our daily lives. Your grandma was right, although you don’t need extra sleep and a cup of orange juice; In the future you can go to the doctor and be given this protein. Allowing you to feel more energized and recover faster. The future looks bright for those of us whom take weeks to get over the flu.