Braylon O’Neill: Making Strides with Prosthetics

While I was watching the Super Bowl last weekend I came across one of the commercials that would go well with this subject. This video is about a young boy named Braylon, he is missing his tibia and his fibula bones in both of his legs, he has prosthetic legs for both. This little boy has a great attitude about his disability, being so young he does not let obstacles get in his way. This refers back to the Relational Model that we lectured about in class, with the word “normalization”. His family makes him live his life as “normal” as possible. He treats his disability of not having a disability. He also shows an example of the Minority Identity as Theory, from the reading of Siebers (Pgs. 278-295). Siebers states that “Identity itself is neither a liability nor a disability”. This is the same example that I stated above that he does not let this disability define him. A great inspiration for many young and older people with disability’s.