Who do you believe about science? [Back to the Future]

By: TEAM 4 – Mahea Pajimola-Konanui, Alex Anthony, Kylie Keatiing, Brynna Lokrantz

BREAKING NEWS: The Developing State of Breast Cancer Treatment

Currently, there is a study being done by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, known as the Sister Study. This organization is following 50,000 women who have sisters with breast cancer for 10 years to collect information about their genes, lifestyles, and environmental factors that may cause breast cancer.

Sister Study is a credible and reliable organization backed by NGO’s who’re funding their research. Furthermore, the experiments being conducted utilize a large sample of 50,000 women over a time of 10 years. Cancer.org has published an article featuring this organization and their study, increasing the credibility of Sister Study and their research.

National media outlets NYTimesNPR, and The Washington Post all published stories on August 20, 2015 questioning the treatment of early stage breast cancer, stating the treatment is “unnecessary” and “ineffective”.

The articles from these reputable media outlets quote doctors from the American Cancer Society, the chief cancer surgeon at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and many other experts in the field of cancer. We believe that these media outlets publish unbiased views regarding early breast cancer treatments.

There’s another cancer clinical trial funded by Genentech Inc. that seems very unreliable because the website gives little to no information about the doctors, trials or the drugs used in the research. On the website you can sign up to join the trial without consulting a medical doctor beforehand, making it an unreliable research. With such little information on the website it is difficult to believe that this is a valid or effective trial.

Hopefully using research such as the Sister Study and utilizing reliable articles from websites provided above, the future of cancer research will be more successful and more trials will lead us to the cure of cancer.