Week 1 Readings

I think I saw somewhere in someone’s post that this weeks readings where “dry”. I actually think the opposite, it might be that I am a INTA major, but I found this weeks readings to be very insightful. While I disagreed with some points I did like the Andre Frank’s dependence theory and Wallerstein’s world systems theory. I firmly believe that the nations such as Great Britain, US of A, Spain, Germany, and many other exploited other civilizations and its is something we still see today. Nations where already drawn and many societies have already had there cultures developed. I feel that this was something placed into the minds of westerns. Wallerstein’s states that small merchant elites controlled all trade and gained enormous profit. I’ve seen many post about wondering why there nations are not as developed as others. I think it is because they development was interrupted. Leave a nation by itself and it will develop over time. Of course assist of an outside force can be permitted but a nations sovereignty must stay intact for it to flourish. Modern Turkey, Japan, and 19th century Ethiopia are a great example of a nation developing by itself. However, if one attempts to force the people to develop the end result is what is mostly seen in the Southern Hemisphere.