Blog Post #17: Czechin’ out Prague and Munich

For one of our second to last free weekends we decided to leave the beautiful country of Italy and try something a bit different. We headed up north to the place of many meats, sweets, and of course a beer to go with every occasion. I started off the weekend in Prague, a part of the Czech Republic known for their ancient architecture, specifically, all their buildings tall golden spires. Prague was a busy place with gorgeous streets and delicious food every corner you turn. While there we got to cross King Charles bridge and I tried my first true European bratwurst and the recent fad of desserts called the trdelník chimney, which is essentially a wrapped cinnamon doughnut in a cone shape that holds a delicious vanilla ice cream. They get multiple toppings and have come about because of popular demand and a twist on the classic chimney doughnut concoction. The next two days we spent in Munich in Germany. I got the opportunity to visit many historic sites, including the Dachau concentration camp, which was an eye opening experience to say the least. In Munich I enjoyed a good change of pace from pasta and pizza and ate different kinds of meats, including pork, sausage, and potato dishes. I also tried an asparagus soup which turned out to be rather filling and flavorful. And of course I had to gain some extensive knowledge on beer while there as well, as tradition to pair it with most meals. Overall, I enjoyed exploring other countries and their different dishes and their cultures.