Social Class and Childrearing in Middle-Class Families

After reading the Invisible Inequality: Social Class and Childrearing in Black Families and White Families by Annette Lareau it really had me thinking about how social class affects childrearing in different families . Lareau examined black families and white families from both the middle class and working class. There were many things that she notices that were different between the classes but two comments she made stood out to me. The first one was that in middle-class families the parents made sure their child had a full schedule, meaning that they were put into clubs, athletic teams or music lesson. These middle children  have the resource to be involved in any sports or clubs unlike the children from the working class. Personally, I could relate and agree with Lareau, growing up my mother made sure I was always busy after class. I either was at soccer practice, Girl Scout meetings, or violin lessons. I remember I was constantly busy and never was at home. Another observation that was said in this article was that the children in the middle-class families were not as close to their immediate family but the working class children were. Which I don’t agree with due to what I have experienced. Personally, coming from a working class family, I have always been very close with my family. Every birthday I would have more family members come than my own friends or friends of my parents. I believe culture has a big impact on whether you were raised in an environment that allowed you to have close relationships with your aunts, uncles or cousins. All my family members are Hispanic and in our culture, we are known to have huge families and to be very close to them.