Week 7 Game Note 6

November 3, 2016

Hanna Radhi

Public Relations Specialist


Game Recaps

Last game we might have won but it was a tough victory. Our quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got injured in the second quarter with a torn meniscus. His overall points garnered was 13.56, he did not have a stellar game. Antonio Brown had no touchdowns thus garnering only 8 points in the end. Our top points earner of the previous week was LeSean McCoy who had 32.20 points after coming back from an injury. Sadly, no tight end, wide receiver, or running back scored a touchdown. It was a lackluster game although we did end up winning. Our defense held their own because they had a total of four sacks, but they gave up points making it a close game.

Matchup Preview

  • Due to Roethlisberger being injured our back up quarterback Trevor Siemian will take the field.
  • The Las Vegas Rockets are coming off of a loss after having a 4 game winning streak while the Columbia Salamanders have had a 3 game winning streak.
  • Tight end for the Salamanders Rob Gronkowski will continue to shine like he has in previous seasons and the Las Vegas Rockets defense will have to stop him.
  • The Salamanders defense will be tough to beat for the Las Vegas Rockets wide receivers.
  • The Las Vegas Rockets best wide receiver Antonio Brown is on a bye week and their best running back LeSean McCoy is still resting from a hamstring injury.

Las Vegas Rockets Notes

All injury, trade, add / drop updates

  • Injury: Ben Roethlisberger is out with a torn meniscus. LeSean McCoy left hamstring is still not feeling better. Trevor Siemen is ready to play.
  • Trade: no trades this week
  • Add: Siemen was added to the Las Vegas Rockets roster.

Newsworthy Information

  • A 15 year old student allegedly was planning a shooting at his high school.
  • Donald Trump rallies in Las Vegas to gain more support.
  • Huge increases in health premiums are affecting millions of Americans as open enrollment begins on state health exchanges.