New Canvas Mobile App

Instructure has introduced a new, more fully-featured version of its mobile app.

Mobile apps have been redesigned with a new goal in mind: complete an entire course on your phone. So we’ve made some big changes that better reflect the full browser version functionality of Canvas, such as welcoming Modules and Quizzes to the Canvas app party. But most of all, you’ll love the brand-new look that streamlines the user experience across all devices—Android, iPhone, and iPod.

It’s worth noting that this new app is called Canvas by Instructure and has been released in addition to the older app. And while it will run just fine on an iPad, it is listed as an iPhone app.

Download the iOS version from the App Store

Download the Android version from Google Play

Canvas Performance Normal

Normal performance has continued for all users. One more new update on the Canvas Status Update page: .

Canvas Slowness on First Day of Classes

From the Canvas support team at at 3:15PM EST: Read more…

Canvas Work Sessions August 21 and 22

Roll up your sleeves and dig into this intensive session to build your course! Join CIT’s Faculty Development group for dinner in an intensive after-hours session customized to your needs. Blackboard help also available! This session runs from 3:00pm until 8:00pm on August 21 and 22.

Tuesday, August 21 from 3-8 PM
Wednesday, August 22 from 3-8 PM

Rose Library, Room 5308

Register here!

Canvas Open to All Users

Canvas is now available to all JMU users! Many faculty are successfully using Canvas this summer. If you plan to use Canvas in the fall, contact CIT Support for a consultation.

Department Roadshows: Faculty Learn about Canvas, Blackboard’s Replacement

For the first time since the inception of online learning at JMU, we are replacing Blackboard as our primary LMS with Instructure’s Canvas. We understand that any transition comes with a measure of uncertainty, and we recognize the effort that will be involved. That’s why the CIT is making brief presentations at department meetings to introduce faculty to Canvas, explain why we think it’s worth the effort to change, and listen to concerns so that we can help faculty and students make the transition.

The CIT will be making the brief presentation to about 25 departments and groups this spring. Please contact the CIT if your department doesn’t have a presentation scheduled and is interested learning more about Canvas.

Spring Pilot Underway

If you’re visiting this site, then you’re well aware of just how new Canvas is to JMU’s campus. This Spring, nine brave JMU faculty from various departments showed no fear and volunteered to use Canvas for their Spring 2013 courses. They’ll provide us with feedback to help shape the migration process and help us all learn where Canvas takes a different approach than Blackboard.

If you’re interested in trying out Canvas, we can provide you with an empty course shell. We are not yet at a stage where we could enroll students in this course however, so it would be strictly for your use only. We should be ready to take on more instructors for actual in-class use in time for the Summer 2013 semester.

If you’re interested, please contact Learning Systems Support at

Things you can do with Canvas

JMU Learning Management System Announcement

JMU Learning Management System Announcement


Throughout the past year, JMU has been engaged in a process to select a learning management system for our campus.  The process culminated in an in-depth evaluation of four learning management systems: Blackboard, Sakai, Desire2Learn, and Canvas.  Hopefully, you were able to attend one or more of the vendor presentations, experience the products in the sandbox environments set up to enable faculty members to test drive the systems and share your thoughts about the products with the RFP Committee.
Read more…