Voices of Experience

by: Sam Prins

CFI’s Faculty Voices of Experiences (FVOE) program offers us (as faculty) a chance to listen to and learn from the experiences of our colleagues. These colleagues will speak about their own expertise and experience in teaching, scholarship and/or service. Each of the 30-45 minute academic talks (not workshops) are offered on the last Tuesday of every month beginning at 3PM.

I have heard that faculty are more likely to want to listen or make the effort to listen to experts brought in from outside their own institutions. Why is this? Experienced faculty at our own institutions are without doubt more likely to understand our institution’s culture, student body, and the current concerns/issues that we are concerned about. Is it that we think that our colleagues cannot “teach” us anything we do not already know? If so, what does that say about our own expertise?

JMU faculty have diverse areas of scholarly expertise and experience. I challenge you to come out on the last Tuesday of each month to listen to them! The upcoming schedule can be found here.

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