Sparks of Expertise and Engagement – CFI Faculty Flashpoint Series

by: Ed Brantmeier

FFSFlashpoints arose as an initiative to support academic culture on JMU campus by highlighting faculty expertise in relation to pressing local and global problems, concerns, and/or issues. If flash mobs can mobilize people in public spaces, why can’t Flashpoints mobilize faculty, students, and community members to assemble en mass at our university? Flashpoints are about building community through intellectual engagement via dialogue that highlights the expertise and interest of JMU faculty, as well as guest experts on given topics. Flashpoints Arab Spring, Japan, Racism, War on Women, School Violence, and others have drawn anywhere from thirty to one hundred and seventy people together to learn more about a pressing events. As the person who leads the Flashpoint program for CFI, I have attended all of them and have learned something intriguing about the topic and about the high quality of our academic community at each event. We have a rich wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise at JMU and we are well positioned to “Be the change we wish to see for the world” as Gandhi once embodied in his own life choices.

The coolest thing about the Flashpoint Series is that ideas are generated from the grassroots upward. So propose a Flashpoint topic today….

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