In Their Shoes: The Flipped Classroom

by: Cara Meixner

faculty_wks_seriesNext week’s workshop, led by an engaging panel of faculty who perform the gymnastic feat weekly – if not daily – will present participants with the unique opportunity to experience this pedagogy as if they were undergraduate or graduate students. Modeling each aspect of flipped pedagogy, the workshop facilitators have planned an innovative experience for registrants. Scintillating pre-workshop content will be delivered to registrants via an innovative, easy-to-use platform called TedEd. The face-to-face workshop, thus, will provide an environment within which learners can apply, integrate, and synthesize what they’ve learned, all in the context of courses they teach or will teach in the future. Faculty and representatives from both the CFI and the CIT will serve as guides, coaching participants on ways to integrate facets of flipped pedagogy into any university-level course.

Don’t miss out on what is sure to be a unique workshop experience!

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