Category: CFI Programming

Apr 02

In Their Shoes: The Flipped Classroom

by: Cara Meixner Next week’s workshop, led by an engaging panel of faculty who perform the gymnastic feat weekly – if not daily – will present participants with the unique opportunity to experience this pedagogy as if they were undergraduate or graduate students. Modeling each aspect of flipped pedagogy, the workshop facilitators have planned an …

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Mar 21

Why initiate a Shenandoah Valley STEM Collaborative?

by: Elizabeth V. Berkeley When I read the CFI announcement for the Shenandoah Valley STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Collaboration, I immediately signed up. This pilot group, meeting 6 times over spring semester, invited faculty from STEM or STEM teacher education disciplines from JMU, Blue Ridge Community College, Eastern Mennonite University and Bridgewater College. …

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Feb 27

Looking Forward – jmUDESIGN 2013

by: Cara Meixner From time to time, we rearrange and redesign our homes – applying fresh paint, shuffling our furniture, or collecting novel accouterments. While such changes take time, the outcomes often justify the means. Ultimately, we feel better about our dwelling spaces, however small or large-scale the change may have been. We can apply …

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Feb 19

Sparks of Expertise and Engagement – CFI Faculty Flashpoint Series

by: Ed Brantmeier Flashpoints arose as an initiative to support academic culture on JMU campus by highlighting faculty expertise in relation to pressing local and global problems, concerns, and/or issues. If flash mobs can mobilize people in public spaces, why can’t Flashpoints mobilize faculty, students, and community members to assemble en mass at our university? …

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Feb 12

Designing Group Activities that Engage Everyone

by: Stephanie Stockwell Ok, so you’ve come to the conclusion that incorporating team or group work into your class will enhance learning gains.  You’ve figured out the logistics—set time aside, formed teams, and mapped out grade determinations—but now what? After attending a workshop on team learning some years ago, this is where I was left …

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Nov 20

Voices of Experience

by: Sam Prins CFI’s Faculty Voices of Experiences (FVOE) program offers us (as faculty) a chance to listen to and learn from the experiences of our colleagues. These colleagues will speak about their own expertise and experience in teaching, scholarship and/or service. Each of the 30-45 minute academic talks (not workshops) are offered on the …

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Nov 13


by: Cara Meixner Recently, I had the privilege of attending a segment of President Jonathan Alger’s listening tour, during which time a colleague remarked on the “deep humility” of our faculty. The depth of inquiry, diversity of pedagogies, and expanse of outreach engaged in by our faculty are profound hallmarks of the JMU mission. Still, …

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Nov 06

Rootless No More: Finding (Your) Place at JMU

by: Carole Nash This week, 94 GISAT 112 (“Environmental Issues in Science and Technology”) students will fan out across the University to consider the impacts that land use change may have on campus surface water quality in locations they tested last week. Armed with old topographic maps and aerial photographs from a half-century ago, they …

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Oct 02

Remember Your First Year?


by: Jamie L. Frye Whether your first year as a faculty member was last year or 20 years ago, we can all recollect what it was like to start juggling multiple expectations as a faculty member and not knowing how to do it well. There’s no doubt that many of us felt as if we …

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