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Feb 08

My Exam Academic Journey

by: Carol Hurney The other day my students took their first exam and as I watched them scratch out answers, some furiously, others tentatively, I was reminded of my academic exam journey.   As an undergraduate, exams were my thing.  I developed a rather extensive exam preparation process and it worked to perfection.  Well, most of …

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Sep 20

Scholarly Blogging: Changing Expectations or Behaviors?

by: Carol Hurney Earlier this week a story on NPR reflected on studies performed in 1964 by Robert Rosenthal exploring how teacher expectations of student ability influenced how they interacted and worked with students.  Briefly, Rosenthal demonstrated that teachers provide more feedback, approval, and time to answer questions to students they were told were on …

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Oct 15

Disposable Science

by: Carol Hurney One of the most beautiful aspects of my discipline is the process of critically analyzing the scientific method.  Yes, the scientific method.  Wait, wait!  Don’t run away from this article screaming – OH NO!!!! NOT THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD??!?!  Just relax.  And why would you want to avoid a probing analysis of the …

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Aug 30

Disciplinary Beauty

by: Carol Hurney Recently one of my closest friends described one of her dreams to me.  In this dream, my friend found herself in a large dining room, rustic yet stunningly beautiful.  Although it was unclear why she was in this dining room, she was clear that this space was beautiful and in stark contrast …

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