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Jan 06

Nurture Your Inner Scholar

by: Ed Brantmeier Mindfulness, simply put, is about paying attention. Paying attention to the moment can have profound impact on experience and perception. Do you pay attention to your scholarship? Is it tough to find the moments to pay attention? Let’s go on an introspective journey together. Why did you become an academic? Was it …

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Apr 09

Two-way Streets, Mutual Understanding, and May Symposium

by: Ed Brantmeier Mutual understanding is a two-way street concept, particularly in the context of cross-cultural exchange and communication. The two-way street concept is about learning from one another in authentic, relational ways that foster perspective consciousness (Hanvey, 1976) and deepened self-awareness. It is not simply about learning about “others” — a one-way street approach. …

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Mar 27

The Allure of the Lockdown…

by: Carol Hurney At first I wasn’t sure why so many faculty flocked to the “Bootcamp for Scholarly Writers” offered by the CFI during January and May Symposium. But now I know. I know because about 2 years ago I attended my first bootcamp/lockdown experience. Here is what I learned. I learned that sitting in …

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Mar 21

Why initiate a Shenandoah Valley STEM Collaborative?

by: Elizabeth V. Berkeley When I read the CFI announcement for the Shenandoah Valley STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Collaboration, I immediately signed up. This pilot group, meeting 6 times over spring semester, invited faculty from STEM or STEM teacher education disciplines from JMU, Blue Ridge Community College, Eastern Mennonite University and Bridgewater College. …

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Mar 12

May Symposium 2013: 7 Years in the Making…

by: Carol Hurney I can hardly believe the CFI is on the verge opening registration for the 7th Annual May Symposium. [cue celebratory trumpets] … It only seems like yesterday when I walked into Karen Santos’ office and posed a crazy idea. [cue flashback music] I told her that the CFI should offer repeat performances …

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Feb 19

Sparks of Expertise and Engagement – CFI Faculty Flashpoint Series

by: Ed Brantmeier Flashpoints arose as an initiative to support academic culture on JMU campus by highlighting faculty expertise in relation to pressing local and global problems, concerns, and/or issues. If flash mobs can mobilize people in public spaces, why can’t Flashpoints mobilize faculty, students, and community members to assemble en mass at our university? …

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Nov 06

Rootless No More: Finding (Your) Place at JMU

by: Carole Nash This week, 94 GISAT 112 (“Environmental Issues in Science and Technology”) students will fan out across the University to consider the impacts that land use change may have on campus surface water quality in locations they tested last week. Armed with old topographic maps and aerial photographs from a half-century ago, they …

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Oct 25

Flashpoint: War on Women

by: Michael Morrison and Katie Cannon Reflections from the CFI Program Manager team… As a new member of the CFI staff, a double Duke, and a person who grew up in the Harrisonburg community, attending my first Flashpoint was an exciting event. As a student at JMU over the last three years, I was only …

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Oct 17

Communities and Collaboratives: Arboretum Collaborative Showcase

by: Carole Nash Mid-October has a way of piling it on. At the very moment the fall semester kicks into high gear, consuming us with all things academic, the trees of the mid-latitude deciduous forest peak with color, reminding us that we live in a most remarkable place of high biodiversity that provides inspiration and …

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