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Feb 03

In Case You Missed It… Reason and Wonder: Revolutions in Human Self Perceptions (1/27/2014)

In Case You Missed It… is a feature of the Center for Faculty Innovation blog providing resources from our programs for faculty who were not able to attend. Although no substitute for being able to attend, we hope that this follow up is useful to you.   Last Monday, Dave Pruett presented a scholarly talk …

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Feb 19

Sparks of Expertise and Engagement – CFI Faculty Flashpoint Series

by: Ed Brantmeier Flashpoints arose as an initiative to support academic culture on JMU campus by highlighting faculty expertise in relation to pressing local and global problems, concerns, and/or issues. If flash mobs can mobilize people in public spaces, why can’t Flashpoints mobilize faculty, students, and community members to assemble en mass at our university? …

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Nov 20

Voices of Experience

by: Sam Prins CFI’s Faculty Voices of Experiences (FVOE) program offers us (as faculty) a chance to listen to and learn from the experiences of our colleagues. These colleagues will speak about their own expertise and experience in teaching, scholarship and/or service. Each of the 30-45 minute academic talks (not workshops) are offered on the …

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Nov 14

Expertise: Lore or Allure?

by: Cara Meixner As faculty, each of us cultivates an area of expertise. Specialists in a field or fields of inquiry, we are paid, promoted, and (too often) critiqued for knowing a lot about a little. The very process of earning a PhD exacerbates this status, and it isn’t uncommon for the “freshly-minted” varietal to …

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