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Feb 27

Looking Forward – jmUDESIGN 2013

by: Cara Meixner From time to time, we rearrange and redesign our homes – applying fresh paint, shuffling our furniture, or collecting novel accouterments. While such changes take time, the outcomes often justify the means. Ultimately, we feel better about our dwelling spaces, however small or large-scale the change may have been. We can apply …

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Dec 13

Riding the Academic Wave

by: Carol Hurney I had a wonderful opportunity the other day to spend time talking about teaching with a kindred soul. We began our conversation getting to know each other – mostly I was interested in hearing about his 38-year teaching career at JMU. In particular, I wanted to know how this professor had fed …

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Nov 15

What does master teaching have in common with being a professional race car driver or a professional golfer?

by: Kenn Barron Recently, I was asked what makes someone a master teacher. Like many concepts in higher education, there are numerous definitions linked with what a “master teacher” is or what a “master teacher” does. But rather than offering a definition, I wanted to share an analogy that I heard at a national teaching …

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Nov 13


by: Cara Meixner Recently, I had the privilege of attending a segment of President Jonathan Alger’s listening tour, during which time a colleague remarked on the “deep humility” of our faculty. The depth of inquiry, diversity of pedagogies, and expanse of outreach engaged in by our faculty are profound hallmarks of the JMU mission. Still, …

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Oct 30

Double Standards

by: Andreas Broscheid One of the fun things about being a political scientist is that … Okay, maybe I should say: One of the annoying things with political scientists is that they always (I’m exaggerating here) have to contradict what all other people think they know about politics. You think gerrymandering is to blame for …

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