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Mar 27

The Allure of the Lockdown…

by: Carol Hurney At first I wasn’t sure why so many faculty flocked to the “Bootcamp for Scholarly Writers” offered by the CFI during January and May Symposium. But now I know. I know because about 2 years ago I attended my first bootcamp/lockdown experience. Here is what I learned. I learned that sitting in …

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Nov 08

Fly High in Your Writing

by: Ed Brantmeier Fits and starts, mountains and valleys, scheduled and binge—these are how the writing processes of many go during the academic year. Recently I was at a national conference where I attended a workshop on writing productivity. The facilitator insisted that creating a writing log, consisting of time spent writing per day and …

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Oct 09

Finding Time for Your Writing Habit?

Scholarly Writers

by: Ed Brantmeier Amid the hustle and bustle of teaching and service work, scholarship sometimes falls to the wayside—especially during the fall and spring semesters when things get thick with meetings, grading, and class prepping.   Amid all of this, do you maintain a writing habit? Do you honor that habit?  When and where to you …

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