80% Complete!

Wow! What a change a few months have made! The building is now 80% complete and is progressing ahead of schedule. The outside is nearing completion, and the inside is taking shape quickly. Drywall is almost finished, flooring is being laid in some areas, and some cabinetry has been installed. The Dietetics kitchens and lecture halls on the ground floor are the most advanced areas – and they look great! (See photos).

North view of the new building

Quantity Foods Production Lab

View from hallway into tiered classroom

Large lecture hall – view from front of room

Mosaic wall in the dining room


Tiled wall inside entrance to a restroom

Much Progress Over the Summer!

Progress on the new building over the summer has been amazing! The building is really taking shape both inside and out. The exterior bluestone is nearly complete on the north side of the building and is in process on the east side; Interior wall framing is almost complete throughout the building; Dry wall and insulation are quickly going up on the ground and first floors; and exterior windows will start being installed throughout the building within a week. Before we know it, we’ll be moving in (June/July 2016)!


North side of the building (along Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd)


Plaza connecting the East Tower and Student Success


Central Staircase


Ground floor room



Exterior and Interior Walls Are Taking Shape!

Both the interior and exterior walls of the East Tower building are taking shape quickly. The exterior metal stud framing is in progress on all sides of the building (pictures A and B) and sheathing has started on the west and north sides (picture C). Interior framing is progressing on the lower five floors (picture D). The installation of piping, conduit and mechanical infrastructure is also well underway (Picture E). Interior construction is being completed in a ground-up progression, so as more extensive work is being completed on the ground floor, earlier stages (such as fire proofing and mechanical/electrical/plumbing services) are getting underway on the 5th floor.

The building will be technology-intense to enhance teaching, learning, research and service opportunities. Interprofessional collaborations will be encouraged through the building’s design (i.e. each floor will house faculty offices and student labs from different departments, and group study/gathering areas will promote student interactions).

Construction continues to progress on schedule with a target substantial completion date of June 2016.



The Steel Frame is Complete!

The steel frame for the East Tower building is complete! On Tuesday, March 31, Skanska held the Topping Out Ceremony in which the final corner beam was raised into place. Steel decking and cement flooring are continuing to be completed throughout the building, stairways are being poured, and fireproofing will soon be completed. External walls are starting to be visible on the north portion of the building. The building will soon be a beehive of activity as both the inside and outside of the building begin to take on more definition. Construction remains on schedule – go Skanska!



The South Half Has Begun …

The steel structure for all six floors on the north half of the building is complete. The steel construction for the first three floors on the south half of the building began this week and is moving quickly. The weather has made recent work more difficult, but progress continues nicely.

CHBS building

Steel Structure Emerging Quickly …

The steel structure for the first three floors on the north half of the building is in place, and now the top three floors on that same portion are being erected. Once all six floors on the north half of the building are in place, the steelwork for the south half of the building will begin. Kudos to Skanska, the steel workers, and all the construction personnel for their dedicated work, especially in the cold weather. The weather has caused occasional delays, but the workers have been able to make up for it by working on the weekends, keeping the project on schedule.



While We Were Away On Break …

While we were away on break, Skanska and the gang were busy at work! The steel has been erected in the northwest corner of the building for the first three floors, and the remaining wall footings have been laid for the entire building. The steel structure will continue to be erected across the north portion of the building for the first three floors while foundation work continues on the south portion of the building.

JMU - Harrisonburg-January 5th, 2015, 1042 am


Almost Ready for the Steel!

With the north foundation wall up and most of the west wall completed, it’s almost time for the steel to start arriving! Over the next couple of weeks the concrete foundation will be completed and the steel structure will start being erected for the north portion of the first three floors. Progress continues at a nice pace – thank you Skanska and all the workers for your dedicated work.

JMU_-_Harrisonburg-20141219-130603  173


Let the Building Begin!

The building has begun! The wall footings were laid on the northwest corner of the building this week, and the walls in that same area will be poured on Saturday (Nov 8). Watch the webcam as the building foundation continues to progress east and south. The foundation is scheduled to be completed around the middle of December, then the steelwork will begin!


Ground Ready … Prepare to Build!

Debris removal from the old building is complete and the ground is ready for the next stage. To complete the appropriate ground preparation, substantial rock removal occurred at the northwest corner of the building site, and harder fill was brought in to achieve appropriate soil compaction levels across the building site. With that completed, storm utility work and foundation preparation work are advancing nicely. Before we know it, the building will start to materialize! Keep an eye on the webcam to see the daily progress being made.