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Seed Grants

Seed Grants are small grants offered by the Center for Instructional Technology. The grants are for faculty at the university and are intended to assist them in using technologies for specific course-based educational needs. Any faculty member at the university is eligible to apply for a grant.

A Seed Grant can be awarded up to $300.00. Faculty are able to use the grant to buy software or hardware to develop an instructional project.  A Faculty member is eligible for up to two grants per year at $300 per grant.

To apply for a Seed Grant, faculty members must fill out an online form on the CIT website. There are no deadlines, so faculty may apply at any time throughout the year provided there is still funding available through the program. After applying, faculty will hear back about their request within two weeks.

Christie Liu currently manages the Seed Grant program. Any faculty member who has questions about the program can contact Christie.