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Download Respondus Campus-Wide Edition

Download the campus-wide edition here Respondus4Campus.  Unzip and install the program then follow the instructions below.  You will need to be on-campus to download the Campus-Wide edition. After the installation process has completed, a Respondus icon will appear on your Windows Desktop. Click on the icon to launch the Respondus Read more

Upload Scantron Grades to Canvas

Canvas will accept a csv if formatted correctly.  Luckily the format isn’t too extensive. 1)  We need every column depicted in the screenshot except for Scantron test 3. 2)  Student, ID, SIS User ID, SIS Login ID, Section column headers are all required. 3)  Extra columns past column E Read more

Creating and Grading a TurnItIn Assignment

TurnItIn is the plagiarism detector JMU is using with Canvas.  To start using TurnItIn create a new assignment and click the more options button.   From here you will want to change the submission type to Online.   This will provide you with more checkboxes for options.  The only one Read more

Combine/Cross-List Sections or Courses

Faculty who are teaching multiple sections of the same course or are teaching multiple courses they wish to combine can make combination request with the form below.  Make a note of the course IDs of the courses you’d like combined and list them in the contact form.  If you Read more

If Your Course is Not Listed in Canvas

JMU Records and Registration Course information is uploaded to Canvas several weeks prior to the beginning of a semester.  Changes in course information are then populated to Canvas from the JMU student database twice daily.  If you do not see a course that should be listed in Canvas, please Read more


Navigate to Note: You must have an activated JMU E-ID before attempting to log into Canvas. If your JMU E-ID is NOT activated, visit the JMU Computing Helpdesk for more information.  

Using the Respondus Lock Down Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser Student Quick Start Guide Introduction Respondus LockDown Browser™ is a secure browser for taking exams in Canvas. It prevents you from printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications during an assessment. If a Canvas exam requires that Respondus LockDown Browser be used, you Read more