Canvas Support for Students

Canvas is new to JMU students too!  Provide this online training link for students in your syllabus or in your Canvas course:

Canvas Instructions-No JMU e-ID

Accessing Canvas and Locating your Password


1. Open a web browser and enter the following web address:


2. Click the External user to begin setting up your account. You must use the email you provided on your registration form.

Canvas External Login Pictures1













3. Normally, this is where you will login with your email address and password. But first you need to be given a password. For now, click “Don’t know your password?”

Canvas External Login Pictures2














4. Enter the SAME email address you used when registerin This will be your login email. Then click “request password” to have your password emailed to your address. If this does not work then try another email address that you may have used to register with.

Canvas External Login Pictures3













5. An email will be sent to you with your randomly generated password. Use this to login to Canvas. If you forget your password you can repeat this process again to create a new