Creating and Grading a TurnItIn Assignment

TurnItIn is the plagiarism detector JMU is using with Canvas.  To start using TurnItIn create a new assignment and click the more options button.

Edit Assignment 1


From here you will want to change the submission type to Online.

Edit Assignment 2


This will provide you with more checkboxes for options.  The only one we’re interested in now is Enable TurnItIn Submissions.  TurnItIn submissions can be either a text entry or via file uploads  For this tutorial we’re just enabling file uploads.

Edit Assignment 3


You can access the advanced TurnItIn settings to choose what TurnItIn compares against.  The defaults are to compare it against everything which is usually a good option.

Edit Assignment 4


Initially the gradebook will show the TurnItIn assignment as a paper symbol with a grey comment box next to it.  When the originality report is done the grey box will turn yellow at which point you can access the originality report and see how much matching has occurred.

Edit Assignment 5


Clicking on the TurnItIn assignment will bring up a window that quickly shows the matching percentage and lets you view the originality report and download the document.

Edit Assignment 6


If you choose to access the originality report you will see something similar to what’s below.  TurnItIn highlights matching passages and lets you know from where the matching is occurring.

Edit Assignment 7


That is how you create and grade your TurnItIn assignment.