Installing Canvas mobile app on an iPhone

The Canvas mobile app is free. Please follow these instructions for installing the mobile app on your iPhone or other iOS device:

1. Find the mobile in in the Apple App store. Note that there are two Canvas apps. You want the one with the reddish icon:

Canvas by Instructure

2. Open the Canvas app.

3. You may already be logged in with credentials Canvas extracts from your iOS setttings. These will not work. If you don’t see a welcome screen like the one pictured below, you will have to click the circle in the upper-right corner of the app and then click the Logout button:

Canvas: Get Started

4. Click the Get Started button, which will take you to the Connect screen:

Canvas: Connect

5. Enter the JMU Canvas URL, which is Click the Connect button, which will take you to the JMU login service:

Canvas: JMU Login Service

6.You may want to zoom in on boxes where you will enter your JMU EID and password:

Canvas: JMU EID and Password

7. Enter your JMU EID and password (the very same credentials you always use with Canvas).

8. Swipe through the “getting started” screens until you end up here:

Canvas: Get Started

9. Click Get Started button one last time to use Canvas on your iPhone!

Canvas is running on my iPhone!

That’s it!

Kevin Hegg

I am Director of Systems, R&D within JMU's Center for Instructional Technology (CIT). I've worked in CIT for 17 years. I supervise a small group of programmers and IT professionals. We manage Canvas, WordPress, Omeka, MDID, and other instructional systems. We also manage over 500,000 digital assets for a wide variety of disciplines. I have been involved in large and small software and web application development projects. I spend a lot of time helping faculty use technology in their teaching and scholarship.