Preparing Canvas Grades for Upload to MyMadison

Preparing Canvas Grades for Upload to MyMadison

Step 1

Check your “Total” column in the Gradebook.  This is a default column and cannot be changed or altered so there should always be a “Total” column in the gradebook.  Make sure this column is also displaying a letter grade alongside the score.  You can access your gradebook by clicking Grades.

Gradebook Letter Grade
Fig. 1

If your total column is displaying the letter grade skip steps 2 and 3.

Step 2

To enable the letter grade we will need to create a scheme for the course.  Enter your course and click on Settings.  On the Course Details tab click Edit Course Details.  This will open up the editable options for your course.  Make sure the Enable course grading scheme box is checked.  Underneath you are given the option (view grading scheme) to edit the grading scheme in case the default one is not what you need.
Enable Scheme
Fig. 2


Step 3

Go back to the gradebook to check and make sure the “Total” column is displaying a letter grade alongside the score.  Reference Fig. 1 to know what the letter grade being displayed looks like.

Step 4

Select the “Export” dropdown menu and click “CSV File”.

Fig. 3

Step 5

Open the excel file you just downloaded.  We only need the SIS User ID and Final Grade column.  If you do not see a Final Grade column then you did not enable a grading scheme for your gradebook.  See Step 2.   Right click on the columns that aren’t necessary and click delete.

Excel File Delete
Fig. 5

Step 6

The spreadsheet should look a little like Fig. 6

Fixed Excel Sheet for Uploading Grades













Fig. 6

Step 7

The first row, which has the “Student ID” and “Final Grade” labels must be deleted.  Right click on the row and select delete.  Choose to delete the row when prompted.  There is also a second row that needs to be deleted.  This row may have (read only) in some locations but will be blank in most.  The final spreadsheet should have no headers or any other data besides the student’s eID and their grade.  Look at fig. 7 for comparison.

Fixed Excel Sheet for Uploading Grades 2












Fig. 7

Step 8

The file needs to be saved as a .csv  With the file open go to File -> Save As

Excel Save As
Fig. 8

When the Save As window pops up make sure the drop down bar next to “Save as type:” is on CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)

Excel Save As Type
Fig. 9

The file is now ready to upload to MyMadison

Sometimes on a Mac the file will not save correctly.  Instead of storing a carriage return and newline at the end of a row the file saved on a Mac will only store the carriage return.  MyMadison is looking for a newline to determine where the end of a row is, this can lead to complications when attempting to upload your grades.  A simple solution to this is to go to Save As and in the Format drop down menu select Windows Comma Separated.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 5.07.20 PM

Important notice about downloading the gradebook from Canvas

When you download the gradebook from Canvas any ungraded assignment will be replaced with a 0 automatically.  Final Score (red) is the final score for the student with 0’s in place of any ungraded assignment.  Current score is the score they have without the 0’s.  If an unsubmitted assignment or quiz should not be a 0 you will want to use Current Score (green) to derive a letter grade from.



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