The Show


The Demystifying the Expert program was created by two physics professors Anca Constantin & Klebert Feitosa. They host the hilarious interactions between the science expert and New & Improv.’d, JMU’s student-led comedy troupe. Together they decipher and joyfully reveal the mysteries of the scientific research that happens in college classrooms.

By using hilarious comedic comments and games, the program helps to solidify major concepts of science and engineering, as well as the history associated with each discovery. It also reveals the humans behind these endeavors, in a novel way which proves to be accessible for all ages and stages of training or interest. See our shows live or listen to the podcasts and be amazed by the comedic charm and the power of scientific knowledge in our own labs at JMU!

Be sure to check out the inspiration for our show, “You’re the Expert” on Boston’s NPR news station.

The Comedy


New & Improv.’d is James Madison University’s only improvisational comedy troupe. Founded in 1998, they have been successfully bringing laughs to the JMU campus ever since. They perform multiple shows every semester on campus, as well as at local venues in the Harrisonburg, VA area. New & Improv.’d has performed with troupes from other universities, at charity events such as Relay for Life, as intermission entertainment for a cappella groups, local cafés, on campus for both organizations and dorms, and has traveled to both North Carolina and Washington D.C for comedy arts festivals. Everything is made up on the spot based on your suggestions, so every show is unique.