Open source eBooks for Ed Tech

Open source eBooks for Ed Tech

The main text for one of my courses – Intro to Instructional Technology – is available without charge via the National Research Council.  The book – How People Learn – is a very readable account of the convergence of learning theories and key topics in educational psychology/cognitive psychology.

Two of the three texts for another course – Information in Contemporary Society – are also available as free eBooks.  The first – Hanging Out, Messing Around, Geeking Out – is offered by MIT Press and describes the digital upbringing of the current generation of college students.  The second – Blown to Bits – provides a look at the various technologies that undergird our current digital life.

Interestingly, the free Hanging Out book is offered through Follett CafeScribe for $5.00.  The other two are not offered by Follett.

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