Considering developing your own mobile resources?

ProfHacker looks at tools for developing your own mobile resources or having your students try it —

Building Books for Mobile 

iBook Author and re-imagining the textbook

In a recent post on the blog e-Literate, Michael Feldstein looks at the integration between iTunes University and the new Apple  iBooks Author —

Apple and Textbooks, Part 2:  Is There a Class in This Text? 

Feldstein looks at iBook Author from the perspective of re-imagining the textbook.  If you were to re-imagine the textbook, would you start with Feldstein’s baseline assumption —  “innovative e-textbooks start with a baseline assumption that instructors should be able to edit the content”?   Should digital textbooks like the print version be “mostly a static thing that is good for solitary interaction”?

Education without printed textbooks and lectures

The New York Times reports on the transformation at Mooresville, NC public schools — jump in graduation rate, drop in dropouts,  increase in in percent of students meeting proficiency standards — after school moved to laptops.

Mooresville’s Shining Example (It’s Not Just About the Laptops)


This is a link to a description of a study done at JMU and interviews with the PIs involved.

JMU e text search

Took the last hour to search around for e texts sources as suggested in Monday’s class session.

In the JMU library I came up with 6 e texts when searching for nursing leadership and management. One of those sources is good but it looks to be an annual compilation of topics in that field (although it says ‘articles are put in this book series”) I might use that each year for up to date readings. Did you say if students could access these readings that semester or is it hit or miss with library e info?

Did not find much on OER in this area but did find e texts out there on environmental health which is another area I teach on.

My most promising OER is found on a site specifically designed for nursing related to environmental health: EnviRN. This website has an e text within it that is currently being “written”– all content on the site/including chapters that are currently filled out are open for use (just not sale)–

I made an ebrary account but when I wanted to place the one book on my bookshelf, I did not see a link. How do you get to that?

Wired Campus interview with two leaders of new MITx free courses

The Chronicle’s Wired Campus recently published an interview with two of the leaders of the new MITx project.   The interview asks about  certificates for the free online MITx courses and the trend of educational badges.  Below is the link to the full post —

MIT’s New Free Courses May Threaten (and Improve) the Traditional Model, Program Leader Says

Openness in Education

Mary Ann Chappell presented on Openness in Education.  Her presentation is now available.


PowerPoint presentation:   Openness in Education

Presentation by eBooks at JMU Libraries

Meris Mandernach gave a presentation on eBooks available at JMU for this week’s eText sandbox.


eBooks @ JMU

Searching for eBooks at JMU

Use the special searches at the bottom of this page for searching online books available at JMU.

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