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Story and French – Food Advertising and Marketing

Story, Mary, French, Simone. “Food Advertising and Marketing Directed at Children and Adolescents in the US”. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Vol. 1 Issue 3 (February 2004).


Keywords: food advertising, marketing, children, US


Adolescents have recently become the forefront of major marketing for the food industry. Not only do they feel that children have a huge influence, they also are powerful in spending, and also will be the future generation. Whether it is through TV, schools, placement of products, internet, promotions or any other marketing technique, these companies have and will do whatever they can to gain the attention and loyalty of children.

Story and Simone discuss the ways in which these food companies advertise and market their products, as well as the impact it has on their eating behaviors. Nutrition is of big importance or children especially so they can grow and development, and unfortunately many of the companies that try and attract the adolescents have foods that are high in sugars and fat. This is becoming a problem due to the obesity epidemic that is among us, since twice as many children and three times as many adolescents are overweight and on the verge of obesity.

This increase in targeting children and adolescents for both marketing and advertising may be adding to the increasing amount of health problems that we are seeing in the United States.

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