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Fast food is leading cause of obesity – bibliographies and annotations

2012 October 24
by zarrilsl

Bayly, F. (2011, April 26). How Fast Foods Are Causing Obesity In America. Retrieved from Livestrong:

DeNoon, D. J. (2006, June 28). 10 Causes of Obesity Other than Overeating, Inactivity. Retrieved from Fox News:,2933,201397,00.html

Gaughan, T. (2009, February 11). Fast Food, Fat Children. Retrieved from CBS Evening News:

Hobbs, J. (2010, September 28). The Leading Cause of Obesity in America. Retrieved from Livestrong:


The author of the first article I read is Tim Gaughan and he is part of the CBS news cast.  This article supports the argument that fast food is the leading cause of obesity.  The source he wrote is Fast Food, Fat Children, which is about how fast food is such a common thing for children in today’s century and how that is leading to obesity one in every 4 children around the age of 9.  Gaughan is a credible writer of this source because he is part of the news cast for CBS and he used many examples from daily society and regular families.  In his article he included statistics as well and facts about how often families will get fast food for meals in a week.  Though Gaughan is a credible writer because he is part of CBS news cast, he does not necessarily have a background in obesity or in fast food.  Gaughan is also not portraying himself as an expert of obesity and fast food in any way throughout this article.  Therefore, Gaughan is a credible writer for this article because of the way he writes the article from the viewpoint of an outsider on the ideas.


The author of the second article I read is Fiona Bayly and she is a part of the group of people that write articles on the website.  The Livestrong website can inform viewers of how they are living their lives in unhealthy ways and can also inform viewers about how to live a healthier life.  Bayly is properly educated in the concepts of living healthy lives and how unhealthy decisions with food can negatively affect your weight.  She also is credible because she provides evidence with the information it provides of the amount of calories there are in a McDonald’s meal.  She also provides statistical evidence about how children are becoming obese from these fast food meals.  One example of a statistic she included is that one third of American children consume fast foods every day.  This source written by Bayly is a credible source because she is on the Livestrong website and therefore has a strong background in the health dieting information and she also provides a plethora of evidence.


The author of the third article I read is Jolie Hobbs who is also part of a group of writers for the livestrong website.  The livestrong website is designed for males and females to learn new things about health, fitness, food, lifestyle and much more.  The authors of this website definitely have some sort of background in this health field to be talking about it on this website. Furthermore, the authors on this website do not only write from their own thoughts, but they also provide evidence such as statistics.  The article she wrote, The Leading Causes of Obesity in America, highlights other leading causes of obesity besides fast food.  This article is against the argument that fast food is the leading cause of obesity because of the other causes she mentions and claim have an equal share of leading to obesity.  Hobbs is a credible author and this is a credible source because she is a qualified writer on and the website is also very common and well known to be credible.


The author of the fourth article I read is Daniel J. DeNoon who is part of the Fox News website.  This article is called 10 Causes of Obesity Other than Overeating, Inactivity and gives exapmles of 10 other ways a person could become obese other than eating unhealthy foods and not excercising.  Some of those examples are sleep debt, polution, older moms, and medicine, just to name a few.  The author gives reasonable explanations behind each of his examples.  He is a credible source to be talking about this topic because he is part of a popular, reliable news program that is viewed by many people across the country today.  He also is credible because at the end of his article he sights a source where he received his information from.  The source he sights is an “International Journal of Obesity”.   With all of this being said, DeNoon’s article is a credible source that argues against our class topic that fast food is the leading cause of obesity.

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