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Fast food is the leading cause of obesity in America

2012 October 31
by haynescm


Bayly, Fiona. (2011, Apr 26).  How Fast Foods Are Causing Obesity in America. Retrieved from

The first article I read was by Bayly about the ways in which fast food is causing obesity. Bayly is a cross country champion and trains professional athletes. She addresses the fact that fast foods are very accessible. She claims they are too prevalent and are the main cause of obesity in America. Along with obesity fast foods are leading to diabetes and heart disease. Bayly is concerned with the fact that people are replacing essential nutrients with empty calories. The preservatives served in fast food make for quick preparation, but researchers are worried that these fast foods are eventually going to be slowing people down. Fast food restaurants are cutting corners to serve more customers faster. The biggest concern about fast food is the fact that everything is fried and soaked in grease. According to researchers some meals at McDonalds have the same number of calories as are suggested for the entire day’s intake. Their solution is the addition of low fat meats and smaller portions.



DeNoon, Daniel J. (2006, June 27). Study Suggests 10 New Obesity Causes. Retrieved from

My next article by Daniel DeNoon gives a list of other reasons for obesity. Daniel J. DeNoon is a senior medical writer for WebMD, researching and reporting daily news stories and health features. He is the recipient of several professional awards including a commendation from the Centers for Disease Control for his work during the 2001-2002 bioterror attacks. He claims people put too much focus on the “Big 2” of the obesity epidemic. Too much food and too little exercise can be causes for obesity, but he feels there are many more prevalent factors. DeNoon sites that David B. Allison, PhD, director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham clinical nutrition research center, and his colleagues argue 10 other causes of obesity. Some of their main arguments are that people don’t get enough sleep. Temperature controlled environments also limit calorie burning. While smoking does have many negative factors, it helps people lose weight as they are less hungry throughout the day. On the flip side contraceptives and steroids cause significant weight gain. Allison also claims that the older a woman is when she gives birth, the higher her child’s risk of obesity. Another claim is that middle-aged and Hispanic-Americans are more obese than older and European-Americans. Allison concludes that while these explanations are not definite causes they should also be concerned with the “Big 2” when talking about obesity.



Martinez, Eliza. (2010, Oct 7). Fast Foods that cause obesity in children. Retrieved from

My third article by Eliza Martinez focuses on the 3 main draws of fast food and their effects. Martinez has been published in Boulder Women’s Magazine and Examiner. She has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in psychology. She claims that many people rely on fast food because of their convenience with the packed schedules of most people. Stats show that kids meals served doubled between 1977 and 1995.  She addressed the point of soft drinks which usually goes overlooked when looking at fast food. Martinez mentions that the serving sizes of super-sized sodas are several times what a serving size should be. 1 soda can contain up to 400 calories and once children get a refill they have had enough calories for an entire meal. Another deadly fast food item is the french fires. You can’t get around the fact that they are fried in oil as well as contain saturated and Trans fats. The 450 calories and 22g of fat from a large order of fries could serve as a midday meal by itself. However, the main attractions of the fast food joints are the burgers. While a single burger is only 400 calories the fat filled meat has many other negative effects. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, these awful fast foods result in severe heart problems, sleep disturbances, diabetes and high blood pressure.



Parker, Darian. (2010, May 23). Causes of obesity and stress. Retrieved from

My last article by Darian Parker addresses major causes of obesity and stress. Parker holds a Ph.D. from the University of Las Vegas and is a certified Personal Trainer through the NSCA. Obesity has become a worldwide problem over the last 10 years. Lack of exercise is Parker’s biggest argument as he states that it leads to increased risks of cardiovascular, pulmonary and metabolic diseases. Being more active is not only likely to keep you fit, but researchers have found these people to be more energetic throughout the day as well. Parker doesn’t blame fast foods for obesity, but rather people’s portions sizes and the frequency with which they eat. William Dietz, M.D., director of the nutrition and lifestyle division, claims that food provides comfort as a relief from stressful events. The negative side to that is that a diet of comfort eating can lead to an emotional dependency on food and ultimately weight gain. Another point of Parker’s, rarely looked at by researchers, is the idea of major life changes. He claims that many people overeat as a result of deaths of loved ones or problems with work. Along with managing weight coping with these hard times also allows you to lower your stress levels.

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