To Each Their Own

We wrote to convey our interests and, in turn, to inspire passion.

James Madison University is not just another college campus, rather it is a campus full of diversity and acceptance.  The student body is composed of over 350 organizations, a large majority of which is represented in this class. From crazy lizard people, to the importance of pop sensation Taylor Swift, our different interests make us who we are. As Dr. G’s GWRTC fall 2013 class, we are the Fencing Club, the James Madison Investment Club, sports fanatics, music fans, volunteers, and so much more. It is always said that JMU is an extremely happy place. Our class says that we are happy because we are diverse, because we have so many different ways to express our differences. Our theme, “to each their own,” defines the James Madison experience. It represents our class, a microcosm of JMU, made up of different ideas and people all coming together for an education, and in this case, to create a website that shows that world who we are.