Author: Kevin Hegg

I am Director of Systems, R&D within JMU's Center for Instructional Technology (CIT). I've worked in CIT for 17 years. I supervise a small group of programmers and IT professionals. We manage Canvas, WordPress, Omeka, MDID, and other instructional systems. We also manage over 500,000 digital assets for a wide variety of disciplines. I have been involved in large and small software and web application development projects. I spend a lot of time helping faculty use technology in their teaching and scholarship.

Links for TLT 2012 WP Presentation

2:40-2:50 – Ben Brewer 2:50-3:00 – Meg Mulrooney 3:00-3:10 – Kevin Caran 3:10-3:20 – Janell Bauer 3:20-3:30 – Nicole Wilson and Elaine Roberts ... Read more