Mimi Ito

Connected Learning

Mimi Ito

Today’s social, mobile, and gaming technologies offer new ways of supporting learning that are engaging, connected to the wider world, and tailored to specific interests, identities, and learning styles. Our research has found, however, that only the most activated digital learners are taking advantage of this potential. People are going online for informal and interest-driven learning, but with few connections back to classrooms and academic subjects.

What kinds of platforms, policies, and technologies can best connect between in-school and out-of-school learning and among people’s social worlds? Mimi Ito will describe her research on interest-driven and digitally-enabled learning, and describe connected learning, an approach to realizing longstanding progressive goals of education by leveraging today’s technology.

Connected learning is when a person is able to pursue a personal interest with the support of others in a way that is directed to opportunity and achievement in school and the wider world. 

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An American Sign Language Interpreter will accompany this presentation.




Pam Moran (Breakfast Keynote)

Timeless Learning: How Imagination, Observation, and Zero-based Thinking Change Schools

Portrait of Pam Moran

Our homes, communities, and the world itself need the natural assets our children bring with them as learners, and which they often lose over time on the assembly line that pervades most of the public education system today. No actions are more important in school than developing, supporting, and reinforcing children’s sense of agency, the value of their voices, and their potential to influence their own communities. Using progressive design principles to inform pathways to disrupt traditions of education today, Pam will describe how to make innovations real that have a timeless and meaningful impact on students, keeping alive the natural curiosity and passion for learning with which children enter school. Using the narrative of contemporary progressive educators, she will take the audience through a deep map of the processes necessary to move from schools in which content-driven, adult-determined teaching has been the traditional norm to new learning spaces and communities in which context-driven, learner-centered practices are the progressive norm.

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An American Sign Language Interpreter will accompany this presentation.