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Sakai Licensing

September 6, 2011 by Kevin Hegg Open Source, Sakai No Comments

Sakai is licensed “as free and open software” under the Educational Community License (version 2). This license has been approved by the Open Source Initiative and complies with the Open Source Definition.

Blackboard course activity statistics Summer 2010-Summer 2011

September 6, 2011 by knab2ar Assessment, Blackboard, JMU Data, Systems No Comments

We recently switched our measures for Blackboard course activity to use the internal Blackboard usage tracking and decided to gather numbers at three different levels:

  • Total number of courses, instructors, students, etc. in the system
  • Number of courses showing moderate activity, determined by the number of times users entered the course (hits) being at least one per enrolled user per semester.
  • Number of courses showing high activity, determined by the number of times users entered the course (hits) being at least one per enrolled user per week. … Continue Reading


July 11, 2011 by Grover Featured, LMS Applications No Comments

Canvas is a modern take on an LMS by Instructure. It uses up-to-date technologies and a modern approach to user interface design to create a holistic, clean interface built around student and instructor workflows.

JMU has an evaluation Canvas account at http://jmu.instructure.com. If you’d like access to it, just contact Grover at saundebn@jmu.edu.

… Continue Reading

Initial Blackboard log file analysis

July 7, 2011 by knab2ar Assessment, Blackboard, Featured No Comments

I started working on the Blackboard log file analysis to find out which features are used and how heavily.  I only imported log files for July 1 through July 7, so this is not necessarily representative, but I think it shows that the data for a full year would give us a good idea of what users are doing. … Continue Reading


June 29, 2011 by Kevin Hegg Featured, LMS Applications, Sakai No Comments

I have created a hosted SAKAI course. Log in and go to the backroom for more details.

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