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  • California’s First Open Source Election System: Maybe not! September 20, 2018
    OSI Affiliate Member, California Association of Voting Officials (CAVO), has expressed concerns that a recent announcement by Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (Dean Logan) and the State of California's Secretary of State (Alex Padilla) was not accurate in their descriptions of a newly certified elections tally system, "Voting Syst […]
  • 20 Years with, and at OSCON August 7, 2018
      OSCON, the annual open source conference organized by O'Reilly Media, is always a great event for the open source community to come together to acknowledge the advancements of the open source software movement and the communities that enable it. However 2018 was a special year as several open source projects and communities marked significant mileston […]
  • Should we celebrate the anniversary of open source? July 18, 2018
    Today in Portland at OSCON, OSI will be celebrating 20 years of open source. I’ve had a few comments along the lines of “I’ve was saying ‘open source’ before 1998 so why bother with this 20 year celebration?” That’s entirely possible. The phrase is reputed to have been used descriptively about free software — especially under non-copyleft licenses — from at […]
  • Open Cars Kick-Off Conference July 14, 2018
    Convened by Bruce Perens, one of the founders of the Open Source movement in software and an authority on Open Standards, and Open Research Institute, Inc. the Open Cars Kick-Off Conference will be held November 6, at the Marriott Airport Lakeside, Orlando, Florida, USA Autonomous cars are coming. But how are we going to deal with keeping both the software a […]
  • Anniversary Schedule at OSCON July 9, 2018
      The Open Source Initiative (OSI), in conjunction with OSCON, will be celebrating 20 years of Open Source next week at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland. The OSI will be hosting a day of community-led lightning talks, open source related activities, and an after party on Wednesday (July 18th). Entrance is free, courtesy of OSCON, but registration for t […]
  • Linux Australia Joins Open Source Initiative July 5, 2018
      PALO ALTO, Calif. - July 5, 2017— Linux Australia, Inc, the organization representing thousands of Linux and open source community members in Australia, was recently accepted as a member of the Open Source Initiative, the global non-profit working to promote and protect open source software, further strengthening international relationships with partner or […]
  • Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Open Source at OSCON June 27, 2018
    OSCON (Open Source Convention) has been the focal point of the open source movement. The inception of OSCON came from an event focused on Perl and grew to cover the other scripting languages. It has since evolved into the destination for all things free and open. The event has also provided a platform for the launch of major initiatives such as Kubernetes 1. […]
  • Article 13 – An Existential Threat June 25, 2018
    As Europe's latest copyright proposal heads to a critical vote on June 20-21, more than 70 Internet and computing luminaries have spoken out against a dangerous provision, Article 13, that would require Internet platforms to automatically filter uploaded content.The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a letter from more than 70 leaders in the e […]
  • Welcoming Software Heritage June 8, 2018
    Coade Stone, like that used in the Nelson Pediment at the Old Royal Naval College, is a fantastic artificial rock whose creation process was lost for more than a century because it was kept secret. Software too is a precious part of our cultural heritage. OSI Board President Simon Phipps' spoke at the opening of Software Heritage at UNESCO, highlighting […]
  • Open Source Principles Give the Workplace Soul May 29, 2018
    As part of the 20th anniversary of open source software and the Open Source Initiative , the OSI is reaching out to our community of individual and affiliate members, sponsors, current and past board directors, and supporters to share their success stories. We want to hear from those who’ve succeeded in, and with, open source software, development, and commu […]

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