Website Revisions

Hi all! Just a quick note. This site has been used primarily as a static place for information about and for my teaching and advising at JMU. My hope is to transform this into a much more active and lively space for not just my teaching and advising but my research and other endeavors. Most everything is up to date but I am in the process of cleaning and reviewing the content on this site. I also plan on using this as my space for blogging about more than just class announcements.

Please stay tuned for more and feel free to provide any sort of feedback, opportunities for collaboration or anything else!!!

SCOM Annual Banquet

The 2010-2011 SCOM banquet was a success. Good food, great company and some good speeches. Some of the notable awards and recognitions from the evening:

Debater of the Year: Kaitlyn Haynal

Friend of Debate Award: Alysia Davis

SCOM Professor of the Year: Eric Fife

SCOM Alum of the Year: Tracy Weise.

SCOM 318 Strategic Web Tactics

In addition to two sections of GCOM 123 Group Presentations, I am looking forward to offering SCOM 318 Strategic Web Tactics, a face-to-face practicum, for the first time. The course description is below.

This course will utilize the principles of strategic communication to create a communication plan designed for the Institute of Constructive Advocacy & Dialogue and the Center for Health & Environmental Communication within the School of Communication Studies. In working with our clients, we will analyze the different situations, organizations and potential publics; establish goals and objectives; develop strategies and methods for evaluation and then implement our strategic communication plan. We will rely primarily on Web 2.0 technologies and other online tactics to create content, brand, design a web presence and enable our clients to establish relationships with a variety of publics.

SCOM 313 Food Communication

I am very excited to be offering SCOM 313 Food Communication, a new course, online during the summer session. The course description is below.

An asynchronous online course. This course will propose, consider and analyze the different relationships between communication and food and how these relationships negotiate our identities, cultures and environments. First, we discuss how each of us constitute and communicate our identities through the food we consume and importantly the food we do not consume. Second, we understand how our food choices symbolically create, shape and reflect our cultures. Third, we analyze how corporate, mainstream mass media and governmental institutions discursively frame, influence and shape our food practices. Finally, we examine how our food practices intersect, communicate and impact our relationships to our surrounding environments.