My research agenda, while still emerging, has and continues to take place at the intersection of three main areas: rhetorical criticism, governmentality and higher education.


Mabrey III, P.E. and Liu, J.C. (2013) “Digital Literacy, Social Media and Public Speaking: Building Literacy Through Student Produced Multimedia Informative Presentations.” In S.P. Ferris and H.A. Wilder (eds.) Plugged-In Professor: Tips and Techniques for Teaching with Social Media. Cambridge, UK: Woodhead Publishing.

Conference Presentations

“Communicating Food Policy,” From Famine to Foodies National Communication Association Seminar (Orlando, FL), 2012

“Re(-)presenting the Arab Spring: A Postcolonial Intervention,” Presenter, National Communication Association (Orlando, FL), 2012

“Debating Paperless: Debating in the Age of the Screen, Presenter, National Communication Association (Orlando, FL), 2012

“#occupywallstreet as Transversal Dissent: An Essay on Contemporary American Political Discourses of Change,” Presenter, Eastern Communication Association (Boston, MA), 2012

Invited Lectures

“Argument & Advocacy for Entrepreneurs,” James Madison University, MGT 472 Venture Creation, Fall 2012 and Spring 2013

“Food as Cultural Communication: An Introduction,” James Madison University, SCOM 248 Intercultural Communication, Fall 2012

“Communicating Sustainability: Integrating Sustainability as Process into a General Education Communication Course,” James Madison University Arboretum Collaborative, Spring 2012

“Flip Camera as Instruction Technology in GCOM 123,” James Madison University School of Communication Studies Basic Course Colloquium, Spring 2011

“Social Media Use in the Classroom,” James Madison University, Center for Instructional Technology Blended Institute, Fall 2011

“A.O. Atwater’s Nutrition Revolution and the Food Pyramid: An Analysis of Biopolitical Food Culture,” James Madison University School of Communication Studies Research Colloquium, Fall 2010


Mabrey III, Paul E., “Hurricane Katrina and the Third World: A Cluster Analysis of the “Third World” Label in the Mass Media Coverage of Hurricane Katrina” (2009). Communication Theses.Paper 55.

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