Teaching with Technology = Teamwork

SECAC VRA affiliate session: “United We Stand: Forging Partnerships in Support of the Digital Classroom”
Chair: Jeannine Keefer, University of Richmond

“Teaching with Technology = Teamwork”
Corinne Diop and Christina Updike, James Madison University

Teaching with technology requires tools and support from many areas on a University campus. At James Madison University support can be drawn from the Center for Instructional Technology, the Center for Faculty Innovation, and the Visual Resources Center of the School of Art and Art History. Faculty have access to a wide range of technology in support of their curriculum. The Madison Digital Image Database (MDID 3) is a system for managing digital media collections and integrating those into the teaching and learning process, the Media Viewer is the presentation tool used in Technology Classrooms, JMUtube allows posting of licensed or self-produced videos, and Blackboard is a hub for course information and communication. A team of University staff works campus-wide developing the programs, providing technical training and support, and proactively researching what will be needed in the future. This paper will discuss how a partnership with visual resources staff and faculty can build the network of support necessary to teach with technology. Features of two online courses, the History of Photography and a Screen-based Photography/Video course, will be demonstrated as successful examples of the digital classroom.

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