• The Movement of the Burkholder-Myers House

    Moving an entire house in one piece is no easy task; but when it comes to preserving history, the Valley-Brethren Mennonite Heritage Center always finds a way.

  • Impacts of the Civil War

    The Virginia Mennonites living in the Shenandoah Valley faced several cultural challenges during the Civil War because of their pacifist beliefs and their stance against slavery. In order to avoid the conflict and the draft, some went into hiding, some fled to West Virginia, and some returned to Pennsylvania. Many Mennonite men joined the Army under a […]

  • Reenacting the Past

    The Valley Brethren Mennonite Heritage Center keeps their traditions alive through reenactments. Local Mennonites and Brethren portray their past and present lifestyles to elementary school groups that visit on field trips as well as other interested members of the community. Here are some photos from a reenactment of their lifestyle in the 1860’s: The Breneman-Turner Mill survived […]

  • A Brief History of the Mennonites

    The following story traces the origins of religion and the Mennonite presence in The Shenandoah Valley. The Mennonite faith came from the Anabaptist movement during the Protestant Reformation in Europe in the late 16th century. Anabaptists were heavily persecuted for their practice of re-baptizing adults in order to express freely-chosen religious commitment. Mennonites drew their name from […]