Class of 1964 – Flashback to Madison College Days: Campus Life
Class of 1964 – Flashback to Madison College Days: Music
Class of 1964 – Flashback to Madison College Days: Fashion

Welcome Freshmen!


By Jenny Nehrt, Student Assistant – August is winding down but campus is only getting busier at James Madison University. Marching Royal Dukes and upperclassmen are trickling back to Harrisonburg, preparing for the upcoming tidal wave of Freshman. While each freshman class is different from the last, they all share some universal truths.

Marching Royal Dukes – Welcome back to campus!


By Cara Lundgren, Student Assistant This weekend the Marching Royal Dukes return to campus to start preparing for the upcoming school year! Here’s a look back through the years at the band’s beginnings. It wasn’t until 1972 that the school currently known as James Madison University had a marching band. This was back when JMU was known as Madison College and Dr. Carrier was the president. The band’s beginnings were humble. The May 12th 1972 breeze has a simple quick blurb about the band and then moves on. This blurb paid off; by September 5th 1972 the band had 100 members, and was led by Malcolm B. Harris, who would go on to lead it for 2 years. He would then be replaced by Ken Moulton. In 1977 Michael Davis took the scene and under his wing the marching band performed for the Redskins and Steelers and produced an album. In the beginning the band was called the Madison Marching Band and the majorettes were called the Golden Girls. Come 1977 the band was called the Marching Dukes and would eventually assume its current name of the Marching Royal Dukes in 1979. By 1978 there were about 198 members and Continue reading

Renovation update – Lights! Camera! …


by Jenny Nehrt, Student Assistant Lights! Camera! Action!  Yes, lights!  The new lights were installed in the reading room and the look great! Per their description, they give the room a bit of an art-deco feel.  The electricians are working hard, making sure the wiring is where it’s needed and ready to turn on as soon as possible. It’s not just the lights that are moving along.  The windows have all been installed, set and cleaned. The plastic has been removed, giving the room the airy feel we knew would happen all along. Here you can see out the new windows into the open stacks area of Carrier Library. The reading room’s new location will be more accessible to users and students will be able to see the daily goings on in the Special Collections Reading Room. Researchers will also be able to see the Special Collections staff through these interior windows. Each visit to the reading room shows another big step towards the finished product. Hurry back next week to see what happens next!  As always, you may find us in our temporary location of Room 220, and open Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 5 pm.

Renovation update – Craftsmanship in action


By Cara Lundgren, Student Assistant To the windows! To the walls! Special collections’ windows are finally more than holes in the walls! Our local woodworking experts, Jim and Louis, have expertly crafted window insets to mirror the way the original interior windows look. To do this, they chose the appropriate wood and melded together various pieces so that the new wooden pieces would like just like the older ones. Here, they are sawing the molding down to size. Louis is on the left. Jim is on the right. Louis and Jim did some of the most challenging work of the project, and carried it off quite well. Their time as woodworkers and builders paid off well for us! The interior windows, between the Special Collections office and the Reading Room, will be highly visible so close attention was paid on making sure the woodwork aligned closely with the larger windows. Along with the window woodworking, all of the older bookshelves have been returned to their proper place. If you looked closely, you would also notice the walls are a cool shade of grey. This grey becomes a shade or two darker on the trim, and then dramatically darkens on the Continue reading