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Class of 1964 – Flashback to Madison College Days: Music
Class of 1964 – Flashback to Madison College Days: Fashion

Flashback Friday: Class of 1979

skateboard bluestone

By Jenny Nehrt, Student Assistant. It’s Flashback Friday time – this week we’re headed back to 1979! As the Class of 1979 prepares to descend upon JMU’s campus for their 35th reunion, we should all get one thing straight. This wasn’t just a class of clowns. The Seventies weren’t all a disco, though some students’ parents today might lead them to think that. It was also a time of changing technologies, changing social structures, and further developments in rock and roll and the blues. The Seventies had soul! Okay, maybe one or two clowns … Sometimes the best way to relax is by clowning around! 1979 Bluestone Dukes were marching to the beat of technological progress when they introduced RDIDs, or student cards. These cards were a new, supposedly easier way to track meals but in reality, they just increased the time students spent in lines. As the article below shows, students were just as concerned then as they are today about that mug shot. 1979 Bluestone Speaking of lines, I don’t think any student from 1979 has forgotten the registration lines. Students spent hours waiting to sign up for classes, waiting for dorm registration, and to purchase their meal Continue reading