Bulldogs Resign Freeman Just In Time

HARRISONBURG, VA – October 21, 2012. The Birmingham Bulldogs of the IFFY league recently resigned Buccaneer Quarterback Josh Freeman. The Bulldogs drafted Freeman, but released him after weeks of poor performance. In the past two weeks Freeman has been playing much better. This week alone he scored just under 30 points.

This week’s general manager Carolyn Chastka added, “We are happy to have Freeman back, and hopefully he can fix our season long QB issues.”

Also, Online Staff member Haden Yonce was quoted as saying, “Freeman can do it, and we think he has the ability to carry us for the next few weeks. Yet with the new addition of Christian Ponder coming to the team, Freeman and Ponder will battle it out to see who will start on a weekly basis.”

The Bulldogs move to 6-1 overall after a big win over the Multiple Scorgasms Deux, and Freeman played a big part in the win.


The Birmingham Bulldogs are 1 of 14 teams in the Intercollegiate Fantasy Football Yard (IFFY). The SCOM 313 class of JMU is competing with and against a journalism class at UWSP. The class assignments in this class should resemble assignments a sports PR professional should face in the field. The Bulldogs are run by Ryan Thomas, Carolyn Chastka, Haden Yonce, Katie Ratcliff, and Jocelyn Allen.