Keynote Speech

Engage, Embrace and Enhance:  Using Technology for Creating Exciting Learning Environments

Rapid technology changes require faculty to make decisions about the adoption and utilization of technology in their teaching and research.  How do we make decisions about implementing new technologies, not just for the sake of having technology, but for true support of our learning outcomes?  Using technology should allow students to be engaged in the learning experience.  Faculty should be able to embrace these new technologies at their comfort level and with full institutional support.  Enhancing student engagement and interaction will enable them to be partners in their learning.  This session will show examples of how technologies can be easily (and painlessly) integrated into your current teaching.  An alignment of technologies with both Chickering and Gamson’s seven principles of good undergraduate education and Bloom’s taxonomy will allow you to easily match your learning outcomes with available technologies.  This fast-paced, and hopefully humorous, presentation will provide a plethora of resources for both the novice and expert technology-adopters.

Jennifer Sparrow is currently the Director of Emerging Technologies and New Ventures for Virginia Tech. For more than 12 years, she has championed the use of technology to engage students in the learning process. She has a passion for working with faculty to explore new technologies and potential implementations in teaching and learning.

Jennifer received her bachelor’s degree from Smith College, her master’s degree from Florida Gulf Coast University, and doctorate from the University of Central Florida.  She is currently the chair of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Advisory Board and serves on the EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Committee.

She is a part-time blogger, an infrequent tweeter, technology explorer, and struggling photographer with a biting sense of humor and not enough hours in her day.

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