Session 1

Captivate Your Students by Providing Instruction When Your Students Need It
Presented by Nancy Harris

Students do not necessarily learn best within the confines of our classroom. Students also tend to work during times that are not necessarily in a normal 8-5 day. How can we provide instruction to them at the times and at the frequency that they need it? How can we maximize the impact of our classroom environment on promoting their learning without sacrificing content? How can we offload “dispensing of information” as a student responsibility and use our classrooms to problem solve, critically think, or achieve deeper levels of understanding. In this presentation, I will demonstrate the capabilities of the software product, Captivate from Adobe, to build interactive tutorials for students to use as primary or supplemental instruction. We’ll explore both “simple” versions of these tutorials that can be built relatively quickly from existing PowerPoint presentations to more complex versions that embed quizzes and more complex interactivity into the presentation. In addition, we’ll explore how the tutorials are embedded in the overall design of the course and how they support other aspects of the learning environment.

Nancy Harris (Non-lecturing Lecturer, Department of Computer Science) received her BA degree in Psychology from SUNY at Stony Brook, and a second BA in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University.  She obtained her MS in Computer Science from James Madison University.  After working for many years in the software industry as a consultant and trainer (among other responsibilities) she joined the faculty at James Madison in 2002. Her teaching interests focus on students new to the computer science major. Research interests include gender and technology and effective teaching strategies.

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