On October 29, 2013, the School of Theatre and Dance at James Madison University will present Ellen McLaughlin’s version of The Trojan Women by Euripides on the main stage at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts. Throughout the first half of the Fall semester, the students, faculty, and theatre artists working to bring the play to life generously collaborated with a class called ‘Digital Rhetoric’ in the School of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication to create this website. As the production took shape over at the Forbes Center, students in the ‘Digital Rhetoric’ class researched the history and thematic resonances of this challenging play, documented the production process, and experimented with many technologies to bring you this website. We invite audience members who will see The Trojan Women on the main stage to explore the multimedia content we have developed here. We think  it will enrich and extend your theatre experience, and perhaps shed some light on the huge amount of creativity, labor, and love that goes into each and every performance at Forbes.



Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a theatre production? Check out a series of mini-documentaries that reveal the process of bringing The Trojan Women to the main stage. 



The Trojan Women draws on the rich mythology and history of the Greeks. Explore the interactive content in this section to find the back story on The Trojan Women and its characters.


Ellen McLaughlin drew on the timeless themes of The Trojan Women to respond to the Bosnian War. Check out this section to find out more about that war and for other perspectives that will illuminate your experience of The Trojan Women at Forbes.