Key Events in the Bosnian War

Ellen McLaughlin wrote her adaptation of The Trojan Women in response to the Bosnian War (1992 – 1995), which took place between in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the collapse of Yugoslavia. McLaughlin turned to The Trojan Women to explore the destruction caused by that contemporary conflict because Euripides’ tragedy focuses our attention on the timeless theme of the terrible costs of war to society. “The Greeks are really good at that,” McLaughlin writes in the preface to her published version of The Trojan Women. “They’re a great reminder of what it is to be a civilized people. We have to keep relearning that lesson, because we never learn it sufficiently.” This interactive timeline foregrounds the main events of the Bosnian War. Scroll from left to right to see the events, and click on each placemarker to see further context and images from the war.