Finding a Home Away from Home

The Trojan Women opens with the women on the beach, with their city in ruins behind them. Women who have lost their husbands and families prepare to become refugees for the rest of their lives. The themes of loss and displacement are universal, but they also hit close to home. Here in Harrisonburg, VA the federal government has subsidized the resettlement of thousands of refugees from countries all over the world. The Shenandoah Valley is a popular site for refugees because it boasts affordable housing, job opportunities and a safe environment for families to get back on their feet. However, many refugees encounter barriers when trying to assimilate into American society.  The Harrisonburg Refugee Resettlement Program teaches life skills and vocational courses, helps them learn basic English, and provides medical assistance.

To learn more about Harrisonburg’s efforts to help refugees, visit:

The map shows the many countries that refugees in Harrisonburg have come from. To learn a little about conditions in their home countries, and why they may have relocated in Harrisonburg, simply hover and click on a pin.

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