1. Can you explain in a sentence or two what this article is about? Write these sentences down. If you are struggling to summarize the article easily, this is important information for your writer. Write down as clearly as you can what you find difficult to understand about the purpose of the article.

 The article is about the importance of music festivals and how they have stood the test of time and evolved through the years.
2. Is the author successfully targeting our audience (first year students at JMU)?  The purpose of the article may be clear, but is the author making rhetorical choices that will convince our audience to keep reading? If the purpose of the article isn’t clear, is part of the reason because the author doesn’t have our target audience fully in view? Explain your answers as clearly as possible with reference to the article where possible.
The audience is anyone who loves music, especially those who have never been to a festival.
Part II: Reading with Media (20 minutes)

Read the article again, this time looking for flow between the various media elements. At this stage, your partner should have drafts of the media they are using.  For photographs and other kinds of images:
  • do they complement the writing? Yes the video goes very well with the narrative
  • Has the author effectively used the caption function in WordPress to explain the image or present additional writing on the subject? The naarative goes with the video and explains what is being shown.
  • Has the author been thoughtful about image size and the placement of the image within the post? yes
If the author has used embedded media such as videos, maps, timelines, prezis etc, the consider the following questions:
  • Has the author properly introduced the media so the reader knows what to expect from it, or understand how to use it? yes for the most part. some of the video could use a little more explanation.
  • Does the author refer to the media afterwards? Does s/he analyze the media, summarize it, or draw the reader’s attention to particular aspects of it? If so, is the author’s approach effective? Explain how their analysis and/or summary of the media might be improved. most of the video is explained, but again some parts need to be talked about after they’re shown.
  • Does the media enhance your experience of the author’s topic? If so, how? If not, how does the media distract you? In either case, highlight what you liked about the media and how might be improved. yes
  • If the reader interacts with the media by clicking “play”, then consider the following:
    • Is the media an appropriate length? (Did it go by too quickly or slowly?) the video may have run a little too long maybe cut out some unnecessary parts.
    • If there is sound, is it of good quality? yes
Explain your answers to the above questions as clearly as you can.
Part III: The Devil’s in the Details (15 minutes)
  • Read your partner’s piece once more, this time looking for paragraphs and sentences that do not cohere. Does the author have a clear point for each paragraph? yes
  • Are there sentences that are too long, or that do not make sense? no all of the sentences in the video make sense to me.

Copy and paste examples into your post (including paragraphs), asking your author specific questions about these problematic sentences or passages. Offer advice on how to fix them where possible.

Needs a conclusion and more narrative.