About Us


The iSynergy Writers: GWRTC 103, Spring, 2013.

We are students at James Madison University. This semester (Spring 13’) we were challenged to write about a topic of our choice and incorporate media into the article, which will be the writing of our future. We were encouraged to think outside of the box and really put ourselves into our work, embodying creativity, personal interests, and diversity. We chose topics based on our personal preferences as well as what we thought might interest our audience, JMU students. Although all of our pieces are about different topics, they are all interconnected in specific genres. An important focus towards making this online magazine a success was our attention to audience appeal, especially our peers.

With collaboration, hard work, and independent research, iSynergy showcases our individual styles, while highlighting our efforts as a class. We have come a long way from the beginning of the semester. We started by creating an interactive map, writing about our experiences and sights and have read a series of articles to enhance our knowledge on types of writing. Now we have created this website for you, our readers, to appreciate. Our hope is to appeal to a wide audience with topics like sports, politics, food, travel, culture, music, and technology.

Writing with more than just words, we wrote with our hearts<:{)>

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